Equity Venture Partners is an alternative investment portal serving your private investing needs.


Our funding portal gives you a one-stop shop for access to private market deals in both real estate and early stage venture capital opportunities. Our seasoned management team diligently screens all investment opportunities before any deal becomes EVP-approved. We act as the General Partner on all investments, making a capital investment in each and every deal alongside our limited partners, ensuring that our investment interests are properly aligned.

On the venture capital side, we offer two unique opportunities for investment into early stage startups. We offer a CRE Technology Fund focused on technology companies that drive innovation where we act as a strategic investor to leverage our Commercial Real Estate connections and expertise. Additionally, we partner with the EQx fund to offer a diversified investment opportunity through an evergreen fund structure into 20 early stage startup investments. The fund focuses on identifying industry leaders that can lead their business to an exit in the technology and healthcare space.

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Prepare 4 VC operates a startup consulting and advisory practice, a global community and an accelerator program that serves as a trusted resource for all EVP startups and investors.

Cambridge Capital Advisors

Cambridge Capital Advisors (CCA) is a commercial real estate firm that provides strategic brokerage and consulting services to both private and institutional clients throughout the country on the acquisition and disposition of investment properties. CCA serves as a strategic partner for real estate transactions.

EQX Fund

EQX is a micro VC fund investing in early stage technology, healthcare and consumer product ventures. EQX Fund is proud to partner with Boston Harbor Angels the third largest U.S Angel group. This is a unique opportunity open to all EVP investor members.

Millenium Trust Company

We have teamed up with Millennium Trust to allow investors to use their self-directed IRAs to invest tax-free in our opportunities.